Asia Pacific Institute of Tourism Management (AP-ITM)

“I want to Fly High”

I want to fly high upon the skies

I want to sweep the stars

I want to graze the heavens


I fly every night, In my dreams

The one they can’t take away

The one that can’t be blown away


I believe in can Fly

I can lead but not shy

Oh let me Try to Fly High


The Travel bug begins to bite as summer approaches and children get their holidays. Keeping this in mind, we cover careers for those inclined towards travel and adventure. With domestic and international tourism picking up, many careers can indeed be made in this sector. We describe some opportunities though many more may exist in related areas. If you like meeting people, love adventure and have a pleasing personality, you can look for careers in a fast growing sector.

Tourism is a prospective area to explore and develop in a big way. Taking into account our heritage, history and traditions we can present to the rest of the world a profound treasure house provided we have the art and ingenuity to present it properly. Tourism will become a major provider of jobs and a source of foreign exchange as the Government and various agencies take up this big challenge.

The travel and tourism industry is growing very fast at more then 11% per annum. Once confined to families taking an annual LTC trip, today more people are venturing out of their homes and look for quality vacations where they can relax and also do something new and interesting.

We take this opportunity to invite and welcome you to Asia Pacific Institute of Tourism Management (AP-ITM), Ahmedabad with a totally diverse and strongly united student coming from different parts of India, a clean and eco-friendly campus, with international infrastructure and facilities.


Airlines:Airlines require people for ground as well as flight duties. On the ground, the duties are in offices, at the airline desks in airports and for checking and managing flights. Airlines also require air hostesses and stewards for flights. The jobs are glamorous and afford the possibility of travelling to exciting destinations.

Airports:Increasing norms & standards into the Aviation industry has bound the airports & the contracting companies working to possess required knowledge. Ever becoming busy airports have numerous departments to operate. Awareness of the regulations is mandatory for responsible positions.

Travel Agencies:Facilitating travel and related services are travel agencies. They require people to deal with customers, guide them as they plan holidays and finally offer tickets for the best routes or offers. They also help in foreign exchange and visas.

Tour Operators:There are many companies operating tours for the domestic as well as the international tourist. Some may be for the usual destinations like hill stations but others are for unusual activities like river rafting, hang gliding, rock climbing and camping. Tour operators need people for selling the concept and then to accompany the groups to the destinations.

Tourist Guides:The Ministry of Tourism grants licenses to three categories of tourist guides: regional, state level and monument guides. A guide gets about Rs 1,600 per day for outstation tours but they also get tips from clients and commission from hotels, restaurants and shops. During the season, a guide can hope to earn a six-figure sum. The job is exciting and satisfying and the earnings during the season are enough to see one through the off season as well.

Holiday consultants:This is a new concept, the idea being that the tourist gets all the details of travel and itineraries from one source. The holiday consultant will sell the holidays, plan out the itineraries, help in travel plans and arrange for ticketing and other details as well. With people having little time, these consultants will make all the arrangements required to have an enjoyable holiday.

Banks:Foreign banks and dealers in foreign exchange require people to assist their clients in their travel requirements. The bank helps in hotel bookings, ticketing and all travel-related services. Indian banks have been laggards in providing such services and foreign banks pay very well. The jobs expected from the person may sometimes be more than travel-related, since a personal touch is added to make the traveller feel at home. With foreign companies coming in India in a big way, such services are poised to increase.

For the adventurous and the travel-minded, there are a lot of avenues that could be explored. Of course one has to be very good in the job, have a thorough knowledge and have lots of stamina. For the travel buff with knowledge of culture and destinations, a career in travel and tourism offers exciting opportunities indeed.