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Mission / Objective

” The mission of Asia Pacific Institute of Management Groups of Colleges is to contribute to the Intellectual, Social & Economical Development of community by delivering Education, Learning and Facilities at the lowest cost without prejudicing the highest level of Excellence. “


Our Aims & Objectives

Asia Pacific Institute of Management-Group of Colleges objective is to AIM FOR EXCELLENCE. We recognize that excellence is not a finite goal but we aim to prepare our students to reach these summits and seek new challenges at all times. By this we instigate the following into the generation:

  1. Prepare managers and professionals that possess an up-to-date knowledge of relevant concepts and theories and are able to:
    • Think strategically, inductively, and creatively.
    • Operate and manage in a global and multi-cultural environment.
    • Exhibit excellent leadership skills that utilize persuasion, negotiation and motivation to attain individual and organizational goals.
    • Think beyond the obvious.
  2. Enhance participation in higher education and offer a full range of professional, Vocational and academic consultancy across a wide portfolio of disciplines in Hospitality Industry.
  3. Serve the community by providing courses that satisfies the needs of employers and offering consultancy expertise.
  4. Develop flexible and resource-efficient programmes of study.